Institut for (X) is a culture, business and education platform founded in 2009.

It is an independent and not-for-profit culture association arising from citizen initiatives.

The (X) is continuously redefined by the members of the platform, which include: 

  • 250 + active members
  • 90 studios & workshops
  • 50 businesses 
  • 25 associations

The outdoor spaces and park areas are public and we invite everyone to use and co-produce them.


Best possible neighborhood for all.
Facilitate and enhance cultural activities, combining artistic creativity with business, public debate and public education.
A dynamic organisation and a laboratory for urban experiments, where initiatives grow organically. 


Everyone at (X) pay rent and organise through neighbourhood meetings.
The administration is reduced to an absolute minimum, and everybody are janitors.
The platform produces events and products of cultural and commercial nature, with an estimated yearly turnover of DKK 20 mill.

Download: IF(X)2- kreative frizoner

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