Working for the common good of the association and its members. Our board has 10 members spanning ages from 25 to 73

Chairperson Christian Juul Wendell

Information Science, Kaospilot

Culture, entrepreneurship & creative urban planning.


Vice chairperson Manjusri Hendriks

Landscape gartner, agrotechnician

Guerilla gartner & green fingers

Andrea Mikkelsen

Founder of Patteriet. 

Storytelling, ceramics & SoMe


Laurs Laursen

B.Sc. Mech. Engineering IWE Welding engineer 

Accounting, Culture & MC turing


Camilla Aneto Olsen

MA Event & Experience Management


Nicole Goldvaitz

MA Industrial Design

Tattoo and Body Artist at Neketattoo.yes


Sacha Julie Bechtle

Founder of Plantecaféen and Plukk

Entrepreneur, events, plants & community


André Thelin Nielsen

MA Sociology 

Street sports consultant

Sofie Bach Hansen

MA Experience Economy


Institut for X ikon

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