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Guided tour of (X)

At Institut for (X) we offer customized walking tours of Aarhus K, the dynamic urban development project. Share your interests when booking to create the perfect experience (DKK 1,000 per hour per guide).


(X) has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for events, including the large A-huset. We focus on cultural and public events, not private functions. From concerts and markets to training sessions, we can accommodate your needs.

ConsultANCY & lectures

We offer consultancy, lectures and workshops on various themes including, Empowering grassroots initiatives, Platforms for culture, business & education, Creative placemaking, Transformative urban architecture and Revitalising unused spaces.

In addition we assemble multidisciplinary design teams to participate in teams competing for public and private bids (tenders). 

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We are a leading European cultural center with 15 years of expertise in fostering artistic expression and groundbreaking action within the urban fabric.

Venues: Book unique and inspiring event spaces for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, performances, or workshops.

Tours: Embark on captivating guided tours led by our knowledgeable staff, exploring the creative heart of Aarhus and Institut for (X)’s unique offerings.

Lectures & Workshops: Dive deep into specific themes through thought-provoking lectures and hands-on workshops delivered by renowned experts or tailored to your specific needs.

Consultancy: Gain valuable insights and strategic guidance through consultancy services offered by Institut for (X)’s team of creative professionals. 

Just let us know what you need.

* Is required – We only do public events. No private parties