LARUS is a talent-developing platform that functions as a record label, event agency and knowledge sharing center. The music players in the association consist of experienced DJs, organizers, bookers, graphic artists, producers and musicians.

LARUS aims to empower soloists through the performance and recording of their music. With a sound studio and outdoor venue at the Institute of X, LARUS has a good network of artists and other fiery souls. LARUS works primarily within the urban genre, with elements borrowed from electronic music.

LARUS represents Aarhus’ underground musicians and with a constantly expanding network, with new workspaces and concept initiatives. LARUS works with many different cultural actors, and has previously collaborated with, among others, the SPOT Festival, Aarhus Festuge, Northside, as well as PROMUS, which builds on networking and growth layers within the Aarhus music environment.

The vision is to make underground musicians more professional, as well as offer a platform to develop in, through sparring and music performance. In addition, we offer a physical platform where they can showcase their music through well-attended events.