tegnestuen FEM

tegnestuen FEM is an architectural office established in 2017 by Frederik Ravn, Erik Bruntse and Morten Hagemann.

We approach the field of design and architecture as being essential parts forming an ever-larger picture. Every building, every brick and every space in between participates in the soundscape that is taking shape in the spaces we inhabit. Listening to context and relating to it is of key matter to us and forming objects in space is always a transformation of the symphonic reality. What is placed needs both to incorporate itself in the facetted reality of contexts, and at the same time provide a plateau for future alterations and disruptions.

We approach this context in a humble way, and understands it as a mix of both its spatial and temporal extensions. By tuning in of this mixture of historical handovers and present tectonics we believe that an architecture will be both more appealing and sustain itself for a longer time.