With your support you help X Cultivate:

🌴 a cultural oasis open to all
🛠 a platform of creatives 
❤️ healthy creative communities
💡 creative freedom
🧪 experimental urban development
🎤 vibrant cultural

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With your support you help X Thrive

Institut for (X) is a nonprofit association and our aim is to facilitate a stage for creative and cultural community, economy and education. 

Like any NGO, we need to cover our base expenses. We do this mainly thanks to our members, venue and projects funded by public/private foundations in Denmark and by the European Union.

However, another important source of our funding is our support members: the individuals and organisations that support our organisation on a regular basis!

We now take care of the maintenance and renovation of the the 1920’ies customs warehouse and the tarpaulin drying house, and they are in need of renovation.

X2 - a creative village of undiscovered gems

Thanks to your support, we will create a pioneering project for a more citizen-led approach to transformation and urban development. 

We want to involve locals in the whole process from initial investigations to the significant boost of the urban spaces and buildings. We want to grow a creative village of undiscovered gems.

We call this project X2 and we would like to invite you to support us on that journey. Thank you for your support!