Aarhus Volume

Aarhus Volume is a non-profit cultural association. The foundation of Aarhus Volume started seven years ago with a group of young entrepreneurs and friends who met at Frontløberne with a common desire to create underground parties and concerts in Aarhus. Years went by, more have joined, all with a common desire to create life in the city that you don’t find in the more mainstream clubs.

We want to work together as a dynamic group with different points of interest and In February 2016, Aarhus Volume was founded. Today the association consists of 25-30 people. Aarhus Volume strives to make ambitious music and cultural events combining street-vibe with good craftsmanship.

Aarhus Volume have become an acknowledged player in the music industry on a local and national level, but craftsmanship, friendship and “do it together” is still our most important value.