Højskolen for Lys & Hygge

Højskolen for Lys & Hygge
Højskolen for Lys & Hygge delivers teaching on spacial design, interior design and decoration, technical installation and craftsmanship. We deliver interventions and solve interior design jobs together with young people who need an alternative setting for learning new skills.

We build, design, explore, work with our hands and with our eyes and we bravely and compassionately nudge our surroundings, our city, our buildings, ourselves and each other.
Højskolen is run by Mejse Damsø and René Clausen and is located in Building C at Institut for (X).

Light and hygge are central concepts when we talk about physical space for people but also in regard to creating connections between people. The light and the ‘fire’ they carry and which needs to be fanned and the hygge and feeling of being safe creates courage and openness. We need both to change the world. And young people need to learn that they are those changemakers. This requires both courage and capabilities.

We work with the physical, the technical and the spatial realm. Electrical wires, lamps, tools, metal, textiles, wood and a whole lot of other things. But we also work with human relations, with the abilities and potentials within the individual and within the group.
In short, we combine the needs on the outside with the needs on the inside.
A successful combination between these two elements creates solid solutions and valuable learning.