Once upon a time there was a loft. It had a sound, that organically grew.
Present moment, Loftsound @ (X2) = Music Studio + Network * Event + Community @X

Loftsound is a music & event platform, for culture & community.
Loftsound is driven by a collective of people.
Loftsound likes to collaborate, innovate & activate.


The organization (We Love Sound NGO.) consists of a crew, that we call the Collective.
Loftsound Collective can be quantified into two types of sub-crews. Those who play music, and those who do any and everything. There are a few people, eg. photographers, dancers, who don’t YET play music in the crew.
Learn more about the collective and services on this IG – page.

We organize events & community activities. When we host public events & create earnings, we spend that money collectively to build our dream venue, music studio & platform, organically.


Based on the A-Loft, situated with a cosy common space, and a music studio.
The studio is run by musicians + producers.
The common space is for all crew, and is an ever-changing, organic space. Known as the A-Loft.
The common space is run by any and all who are affiliated to the A-Loft through projects.


Questions, Ideas, Inquiries?

For coming events checkout our Instagram @Loftsoundx.

Institut for X ikon

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